Please be sensible in regard to your own health if you wish to attend.

The Church can only hold a maximum of 40 people and places will be allocated on first come first served basis.

Everyone coming to church will have to wear a face mask.

A steward will show you to your seat. We have some family benches and places for couples as well.

Hand sanitising stations are available.

Toilets are not in use.

Holy Communion is received in the hand only and I will give an instruction before Mass about where Communion will be received.

Please arrive 15mins before mass starts and come to the main front doors unless you require wheelchair access when as usual you will use the back doors.

If you are retired or free in the day please try to come to a Morning Mass leaving Monday and Thursday evening Mass free for those who work.

There is no singing and the homily is brief.

Please try not to attend multiple Masses so it gives everybody the chance to come to Mass.

Do not be disappointed if you cant get in to a particular Mass because the Church is full.

There will be other opportunities to attend and the Sunday obligation still does not apply.

When Mass finishes you will be instructed on how to leave the Church and the exit to use.

Finally please be sensible when returning to Mass and respect social distancing.