From the beginning to end of life God gives us special grace through the Sacraments and the Church gives us many ways to celebrate and mark life events.



Baptism is celebrated near the beginning of life when children are born into Catholic families but can be at any stage if people come to faith themselves later.  It is the way we are born again and share in the Resurrection life of Christ - it is the beginning of our Christian life in the Church and the gateway to the other Sacraments which are all visible signs of the powerful and loving grace of God for us.



The Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation or Confession is the step we can take at any stage of life to come back to the right relationship with God which he knows we deeply need. Children can be prepared for this from the age of 7 and make their First Confession in preparation for Holy Communion. The Church asks all Catholics to celebrate this in preparation for Easter every year.


Confessions are heard weekly on Saturday mornings at 10am or Sunday evenings at 5pm and by arrangement with Fr David.


First Holy Communion

From the age of 7 upwards young Catholics can be prepared to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.


Preparation is given to young people in Catholic schools, and for other children they will have classes arranged in the parish from about December onwards, with an expectation that all show their commitment to the faith with their families and commit themselves to continuing to reverence and receive the Blessed Sacrament and not just at their First Holy Communion.



Confirmation can be celebrated when young people are more mature, in this diocese from age 11 upwards, year 6 in school. This is younger than in most dioceses and countries and we will look for understanding and commitment which is sufficiently mature.


Instruction in the Catholic Faith leading to Reception into the Church for adults is usually based around RCIA - the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. A programme of instruction is given over at least 20 sessions over at least 20 weeks, but longer is usually better! A programme is currently being planned with local parishes - more information is available on



If you are looking to be married in the Catholic Church - Congratulations! We continue to believe in a full understanding of Christian Marriage,  which is that it is lifelong, faithful and open to the gift of new life. If this is your vision for marriage and one of you is baptised please begin a conversation with the us about the way ahead and plan for about 9 months minimum lead time for us and for the civil paperwork and procedures. God gives us love and grace to make the desire for a lifelong commitment a realistic possibility.


Within that married life we also pray for those who are not conceiving as quickly or easily as they had imagined and can signpost resources in line with Catholic teaching which can help you.


Annointing of the Sick

This sacrament is celebrated with people when they have an illness that is serious or are close to death, but don’t just wait and see it as ‘Last Rites’.


We can pray together and give you anointing before an operation or at other significant moments when you know you need special help - so do make contact with us and talk about this.



Catholic funerals can be celebrated in different ways and not always here in the church itself. Usually people want to have a Funeral Mass here and it is much easier if you talk to the parish about possibilities here before dates are set by your funeral director but, if Fr David is not available for any reason, another priest can be arranged.